Change your Flight 

Online Ticket Exchanges

  • Which Customers can proceed with online ticket changes?
• Customers who have made an online booking through and have a valid e-ticket.
• Customers who have booked either one way trip,ex. LCA-ATH or a return trip ex. LCA-ATH-LCA. Tickets including multiple cities such as LCA-ATH-SKG-LCA cannot be exchanged online.
  • When can an online change be made?
• Online changes can be made for destinations within the same country of the original ticket.
• Online changes can be made for reservations on CY flights operated by CY aircraft. Code-Share flights cannot be exchanged online
  • Are there any Change Fees?
Any changes to your booking are subject to the fare rules and conditions of your ticket.
  • What happens in the occasion of Pre-assigned seats?
• If you change reservations with pre-assigned seats, the seat assignment request will not be transferred across to your new flights. Please contact our Call Centre at +357 22365700 to re-request them.
  • How many times can passengers change their ticket on line?
• Tickets can be changed online only once. For any subsequent changes please contact the Call Centre at +357 22 365700.
  • What happens if a changed ticket is due to a refund?
• A residual amount deriving from an exchange transaction where the original fare is REFUNDABLE and the new fare is lower it will be returned online to the passenger's credit card. Full refunds cannot be made online.
  • Can a booking be cancelled online?
• No, cancellations cannot be made online. In case of ticket cancellation please contact our call center at 7777 7575 from Cyprus or +357 22 365700 from abroad.
  • Can online changes be made for an individual passenger in the booking?
• No, to change individual passenger from a booking with many please contact our call center at 7777 7575 from Cyprus or +357 22365700 from abroad.
  • What happens In the case of online check in?
• After online check in passengers cannot proceed with online ticket change. Please contact our call center at 7777 7575 from Cyprus or +357 22 365700 from abroad.

Please CLICK here to proceed with the Exchange!

Step by Step guide how to change an online booking.

STEP 1 -
Click 'Manage your Flights'.

STEP 2 -
Fill in the 'Reservation Code' (PNR) and the 'Last name' of the passenger

STEP 3 - Select 'Change Flights'.

STEP 4 - Click on the flight you wish to change.

STEP 5 - Search for new flights and dates.

STEP 6 - Select new Flight and check the new Total amount.

STEP 7- Review your new Itinerary & additional fare/Penalty difference and click 'Continue'.

STEP 8 - Verify Passenger details and contact Information.

STEP 9 - Proceed with the additional payment.